RuneScape adds an Elder Gods-themed Yak Track and unveils next part of the Elder God Wars dungeon

Sure, you get a nod this year.

This week in RuneScape, it’s almost entirely all about Elder God Wars-related things. This week’s newsletter leads off with the newest Yak Track, which offers a variety of Elder Gods-themed cosmetics, animations, and pets that players can chase after, as well as a 25% boost to all skill XP and a little narrative to follow along with.

The other major portion of the newsletter is the announcement of the next part of the Elder God Wars dungeon. The Glacor Front is arriving on Tuesday, August 31st, introducing a new boss to tackle in the form of the frigid Arch-Glacor. This fight is unique in that it has a number of mechanics that can be turned on or off in addition to a hard mode that can be taken on. Jagex has put together an individual dev blog to showcase what to expect.

As for this week’s update, the patch notes detail some changes to the Senntisten Archaeology dig site, improvements to the Burthorpe path, a couple of mobile version updates, and another round of general fixes to the game.

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