Black Desert Mobile sets sail on the Great Ocean with today’s expansion


The mobile version of Black Desert requests your oars, as it’s finally getting the Great Ocean expansion today. Readers will recall that the expansion rolled out as Margoria back in 2017 on PC, but mobile players can finally get their feet wet too.

“The Great Ocean is a new region players can discover after they have completed the North Valencia quests,” Pearl Abyss says. “On the map, players can then see a fog-covered world mass that is ready to be explored and conquered as naval warfare is a big part of the Great Ocean content. Players can show off their mastery of the waves and combat skills by unleashing cannon fire on their opponents and wage battle against ferocious sea monsters and fearsome pirates. The intuitive cannon controls allow players to quickly and easily bombard enemies but holding, aiming, and releasing the fire button. Players must also defend their loot from opponents in engaging PvP naval battles.”

The update also includes the Padix Pirate Island battleground for all your pirate-killin’ needs.

Source: Press release

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