Final Fantasy XIV sets the entire Aether data center to congested

Carry that water.

The massive influx of players in Final Fantasy XIV has continued unabated, prompting another update from producer and director Naoki Yoshida regarding the situation. Yoshida once again apologizes for the congestion issues and notes that the team is still working on larger-scale solutions like adding new servers… but in the interim, he also notes that the entirety of the Aether data center servers are being set to “congested,” meaning that it won’t be possible to create a new character within that particular data center.

The Crystal and Primal centers (also within North America) will still be available for characters, but it does mean that anyone hoping to join their friends on Aether servers will be out of luck for the time being. That’s a pretty significant step and shows just how significant the player influx to the game has been over the past few weeks… as well as the fact that it doesn’t seem to be slowing. Which means that the upcoming Rising celebration will probably have no shortage of participants, yes?

Source: Official Site (1, 2); thanks to Autumn for the tip!
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