The Elder Scrolls Online’s Year One Celebration event grants new rewards for visiting old zones on August 26


Sometimes it’s good to circle back around to old regions in an MMORPG and reminisce on your character’s advancement through the area on to bigger and better things, and now players of Elder Scrolls Online will have a little extra incentive to have a nostalgia trip with the Year One Celebration event that grants goodies to players who return to some of the game’s older locations.

From Thursday, August 26th, through Tuesday, September 7th, ESO players will be able to take on activities in Wrothgar, Craglorn, and the Imperial City and earn Year One Coffers that are stuffed with goodies like crafting materials, zone-specific gear sets, valuables that can be sold to vendors for gold, and pages for weapons and armors in Old Orsimium, Maelstrom Arena, and Legion Zero Vigiles styles among other things. There are also bonus rewards like double reward boxes for clearing daily quests, bonus loot from bosses and chests, and increased node rewards in the affected zones. It all starts by grabbing the Sand, Snow, and Blood introductory quest from the Crown Store or Impresario tent.

Players can access Craglorn as part of the base ESO game and get the Imperial City DLC for free in the Crown Store, while Orsinium remains available to subscribers or can be bought at a 50% discount from the Crown Store. Other DLC bundles are being offered at 50% discount as well, all of which is outlined as part of the event’s announcement page.

In other ESO news, ZeniMax Online Studios founder and director Matt Firor gave an interview discussing how the MMO is designed, balanced, and managed as part of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Game Maker’s Notebook podcast series, which we’ve embedded below.

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