Black Desert celebrates two years on console and 2000 days on PC with free stuff


So hey, want some free stuff? Pearl Abyss has a bunch of goodies queued up for Black Desert fans, even beyond the Margoria expansion in the mobile edition earlier this week, and yes, at least for console, it includes free stuff.

Console players on PlayStation and Xbox are being treated to a bundle of free boosters and a costume as a birthday present (it’s been two years since the game hit PS4). You can grab it through September.

“The free DLC consists of a variety of in-game items. One of the most precious items in the package is the Treasurable Memories Classic Box. Adventurers can open it to get a classic costume for the character they are playing. Furthermore, it contains five Combat & Skill EXP 300% that will help players to grow their characters quicker and the Advice of Valks and Mystical Artisan’s Memory Bundle items will assist adventurers in enhancing their equipment and gear. Additionally, adventurers can look forward to Js special scroll which increases item drop rate by 100%. This effect can also be stacked with other Item Collection Increase Scrolls.”

Meanwhile, the PC version is celebrating a birthday too – 2000 days – with a gift, experience bonus, a returning player promotion, and of course, the weekly patch, which touches on weapon buffs, Nova and Sage nerfs, the minimap, conquest mode construction, and cash-shop camo outfits.


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Ardra Diva

This game very simply filled the empty space that EverQuest Next had reserved.


On the one hand, a game I keep chasing the freebies for ‘just in case’ I eventually go back to it.
OTOH, man, nothing sparks visceral annoyance more than BDO’s fondness for “SUPER COOL OUTFIT!”… (7 days) meaning it goes away.

It’s free stuff for a short time, I know I shouldn’t be ungrateful. But if I could filter from my perception any such promotion so I NEVER EVEN SAW IT, I’d probably be more interested in BDO.


Yeah, it’s the stereotypical sample from heroine dealers that they hope gets you to come back and spend, spend, spend.