Digimon Masters Online developer is working on a new MMO based in the Digimon universe


Are you ready to discover both a new game and an old game? Then allow us to fill you in! First we’ll start with the new: It’s called Digimon Super Rumble, an in-development MMO based on the Digimon franchise. According to details from a Digimon series fan forum, the game is being built in Unreal Engine 4 and is based on the animated series that originally aired here in the US but with original characters and new stories.

Video footage of the game in action seems to suggest some manner of turn-based battle system, as well as open exploration of the game’s world and the ability for partner monsters to Digivolve into their stronger forms. The game’s official site notes that it recently went through a short closed beta test in South Korea in June, with the most recent notice thanking players for filling out feedback surveys and promising that those remarks would be used to build a better game. There’s currently no known release date and no knowledge of whether the game will make a global release, though official replies to the comments of the preview video are being issued in multiple different languages, so a global release may be planned later.

Digimon Super Rumble is in development by MoveGames, the same studio that has produced other multiplayer Digimon titles such as the MMO Digimon Battle, which shuttered in 2013, and the MMO Digimon Masters Online, which released on our side of the globe in 2016 and is still seeing updates to this day. Whether that changes or not, of course, is up for debate and entirely dependent on whether Rumble releases outside of South Korea. In either case, that preview video mentioned earlier can be watched below.


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MMO Petgames thrived in early to late 00s but now there are barely a few out there. It would do good to the genre to add some variety and another petgame would help that provided it has at least decent quality