EVE Online is implementing a new plan for ‘skill plans’ this fall


CCP Games isn’t finished tinkering with EVE Online’s skill system: This week, it announced its plans for your plans – your skill plans, that is. The feature is expected to roll out in September and “allow you to create, share, and interact with purposely created lists of skills within the client” as part of a patch that also tweaks the training queue UI.

“The Skill Plans feature is to skill training what the fitting window is to ship fitting. To get the right fit, you can experiment using the fitting simulator,” CCP says.

“Neither the ship nor the modules need to be purchased first in order to see the end goal. With the Skill Plans feature, you will be able to build a list of skills without needing to buy and inject them first. A Skill Plan is an ordered list of skill levels with specific goals, which you can create and keep track of to follow your training. The unrestricted planning of your character development is only one of the reasons for this feature. Another reason for its inception is to enable players to share lists of skills with each other. […] Every one of your characters will be able to save up to ten Personal Skill Plans that you will be able to track, edit, and share with your friends (or your alts!).”

The lengthy dev blog further outlines the system’s milestone sub-goals, UI adjustments, and the “certified skill plans” – that is, tried-and-true skill tracks for newbies who don’t really know what they’re doing and need something beginner-friendly.


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