PlanetSide 2’s playable robots re-emerge as a free faction on PS4


Everyone knows the acronyms of PvE and PvP, but what about PvB? We’ll call that “Player vs. Bots,” and it’s especially relevant in PlanetSide 2 this week as the robotic fourth faction, the NSO, has come roaring back into the game’s PS4 edition in a powerful way.

While unlocking the NSO is free to all players, you’ll have to put a little bit of work to get there. Daybreak requires that you have a BR20+ character and complete a mission before getting to make your own murderbot.

NSO characters won’t fight as their own distinct faction, however. Daybreak said that such players will start off as “freelancers” who will be assigned to help out the lowest populated faction on a server. Subscribers can eschew this and decide to join up with one of the other three factions if they so decide.

This week’s update also comes with the new Dervish Heavy Fighter, the Chimera Main Battle Tank, and an array of NSO infantry weapons.

Source: PlanetSide 2

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Just to avoid any confusion… The ‘bots’ are still player controlled, so the whole game is still very much PvP.

The update has been out on PC for a while already. Some balance issues aside, the NSO faction did solve the bigger problem of faction imbalances, since freelance NSO players will always get thrown towards the faction that needs more players at that moment.

I think other ‘RvR’ games should take notes here; A 4th faction intended to supplement undermanned factions, certainly solves one of the bigger fundamental flaws of RvR games/modes.


Wouldn’t player controlled robots still be player vs player…?