Swords of Legends Online drops two more raids tomorrow, teases fall roadmap


We hope you like raids because Swords of Legends Online has kind of a lot of them. Since its launch, it’s pushed out three raids in patches, and this week, it’s releasing two more: the Ruins of Nuowu and Ice World.

  • Ruins of Nuowu in the Shanghuai Grassland asks players to battle the Plaguebringer and his spooky scythe; his unique mechanic will “split the battlefield into two halves, forcing groups to alternate between them while keeping track of the boss, as they must get different stacks of buffs from each half.”
  • Ice World in the Baxian Plateau is governed by the “ice-shattering Jadewater Spirit,” whose character-linking position-centric mechanics aim to “give you such a roasting that you’ll soon forget the frigid wastes around you.”

In the patch notes Gameforge says this pair of raids marks “last addition of normal type raids into [the] game for the next couple of months – from now on, the difficulty will go up!” The normal modes go live tomorrow, August 26th, at noon server time, followed by the easy modes this coming Sunday.

As for what’s coming after that? Gameforge teases a roadmap coming in September.

“[N]ext month the developers and Gameforge are preparing to bring even more fresh challenges to the game. There are rumors of an updated roadmap based on the community’s calls for even more challenging content for the thousands of players who have already reached the maximum level on their adventures.”

Source: Press release, official site


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These upcoming raids look fairly challenging. The two recent raids aren’t SUPER difficult, and after a few wipes, you can complete them with most well-geared PUGs, but these two new ones have fairly unique and challenging looking mechanics from what I’ve seen out of the China version.

Love the fact that Gameforge is rolling out content in a bi-weekly manner; as soon as content feels like it’s getting relatively easy to deal with, boom, new content to focus on. They have three years of content to catch up on, so it’s not anything out the blue, but it’s great having new content to look forward to as a player.

Excited for this.