Tree of Savior’s Hot Week event hands out endgame gear and character boosts simply for hitting level 50

Yes, very historical.

Do you want to be endgame ready in Tree of Savior without doing anything more than hitting an arbitrary level number? Then you’ll be delighted by the game’s current Hot Week event, which is dishing out a huge list of goodies that effectively let players hit their maximum, including Level Jumping Cards, XP Cards, Class XP Cards, and boxes filled with endgame gear and weapons that are reportedly hard to obtain according to a Reddit post. And all that needs to happen is for a character to be level 50 and talk to an NPC.

That same Reddit post, incidentally, has plucked a nerve with some people; the vast majority of responses feature players pointing out how the event illustrates how far Tree of Savior has fallen, wondering aloud whom the event is meant for, or just otherwise bemoaning the game’s design overall. For those who are eager to get some freebies, the event is running between now and Tuesday, September 7th. So it’s more like hot weeks, but we’re not going to split hairs over an MMO handing out free stuff.

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