Dauntless adds a new Hunting Ground, new Hunt Pass, and refreshed repeaters in today’s update


As a long time Dauntless player, one of the game’s most underwhelming weapons has been the ranged repeaters; shooting monsters with a pair of pistols should have been cool, but their modular design and weak damage output made them overall a letdown. So consider me (and perhaps other Slayers) intrigued by the update arriving today, which will be including a refresh of the weapon among other things.

The devs at Phoenix Labs wrote an entire post about the weapon rework, but in short, the modular crafting design is being replaced with standardized crafting like other weapons have; the damage of the repeaters has been improved; the weapon’s camera has been adjusted to include further zoom; and the aiming reticle has been tweaked to better communicate the various ranges the weapon works in, whether at optimal range, too far away, or close enough to get empowered.

There’s much more then better pistols in this patch, obviously, as it also launches a new Hunting Ground known as the Blazeworks that promises powerful foes, “twisted secrets,” and two new island events. The patch further introduces a new Tempest Omnicell, the new Ostigaard Justice Hunt Pass, and some new and returning goodies in the Reward Cache. The full patch notes provide all of the details.


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