Destiny 2 elaborates on adjustments coming to Trials of Osiris on September 10


A number of things were unleashed upon Destiny 2 fans during the game’s showcase presentation, including the next expansion, the launch of the Season of the Lost, and the game’s 30th anniversary pack among them. One the things that were touched on briefly was a revamp coming to the Trials of Osiris PvP activity, which will be coming back to the game on Friday, September 10th, and has now been further elaborated upon by the devs.

First off, the mode is lowering the bar for players to join in, with a reduction in the needed lifetime Valor ranks and kills to get the quest that introduces the activity and the ability for players to matchmake for the activity without a full fireteam. However, the mode will require players to own the game’s annual expansion to access instead of making it available to free players.

As for the mode itself, there are a variety of further adjustments like shorter rounds, adjustments to prevent third-person corner peeking, a reward and rep track for Saint-14, and some adjustments to Passages to lower the emphasis on winning often. The mode will also see some changes to matchmaking to ensure players with the same goals team up, and Trials Engrams are getting tweaked to offer more rewards.

Further adjustments are planned for Trials and will be previewed in Labs — playtests by any other name — that will run over certain weekends. Players will be alerted to when these Labs kick off either in Bungie’s weekly newsletter or via social media. For now, fans have a lot of information to chew on.

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