EverQuest II opens fresh content for Kaladin, EverQuest begins Stone Cold Summer


Daybreak’s MMOs are getting love this week. Not only did PlanetSide 2 get a big patch, DC Universe Online get a new episode, and Aliens Firetime Elite finally launch, but the studio has updated EverQuest and EverQuest II in varying degrees. To wit:

EverQuest II has updated with a random assortment of bug fixes and quality-of-life tweaks as well as opened content for time-limited server players.

“The time is near for the great Fortress of Drunder to reveal its true purpose to all. The very bedrock of the Eastern Wastes shudders as a massive portal rips itself open within the fortress walls. The sounds of battle echo through its halls as the Hounds of War prepare their innumerable armies to march across the frozen face of Velious and seize control of the lands of Norrath. The Fortress of Drunder is now available for Kaladim players! Sabaron’s Palace and Silent City: The Delving Dead are also now open to Kaladim Players.”

Over in Classic EverQuest, Daybreak has kicked off Stone Cold Summer (for all servers unlocked Veil of Alaris). The event runs through September 21st and offers quests out of Misty Thicket.

Source: EQII, EQ
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