SMITE has launched the new hunter Charybdis and kicks off its latest Odyssey major event


We knew that she was coming, and now players of SMITE can become the whirlpool as the hunter character Charybdis officially arrived to the MOBA this past Tuesday. Charybdis wields a ravenous weapon known as the Maw, with an ultimate ability that unleashes a devastating strike that becomes immediately available for another attack if it kills a god, as well as the ability to raise the tides with her attacks and spend the resource to empower her abilities.

The other major feature of the latest update is the start of a new Odyssey major event known as Perilous Seas, which promises a voyage across the Strait of Messina, a battle against the sisters Charybdis and Scylla, as well as the opportunity for new skins like the Toon Mania Cthulu skin. The event will add a number of quests for players to chase for all the way through early 2022.

source: press release

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