The Elder Scrolls Online offers extra rewards for players going back to its original adventures

Not red, nor falling.

While there’s no shortage of new stuff to do right now inĀ The Elder Scrolls Online, the latest event for the game is asking for players to go back to the old school. No, really, the oldest school available in the game. The new Year One event kicking off today is giving players a chance at extra rewards for completing content in the Craglorn, Wrothgar, and Imperial City regions, covering the game’s earliest releases of content and offering event tickets for clearing content.

Players can pick up event tickets for completing daily quests in these areas, and a number of activities within these zones will offer coffers filled with valuable rewards and desirable cosmetics. That should be plenty of motivation to take on the tasks within the older zones, whether you’ve long since cleared the main stories or you’ve never stepped one foot into Craglorn or the Imperial City. Just make sure to do it sooner rather than later, as the event is running until September 7th.

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