5v5 point defense brawler Kingshunt is hosting an open beta demo this weekend


Here’s one we haven’t seen come up in a little while: the team-based 5v5 point defense game of Kingshunt, which we first caught wind of back in July. The game calls itself a “unique PvP title [that] blends components of tower defense, brutal melee combat, and real-time strategy” that shares some DNA with point defense gameplay modes players would find in something like Paragon or For Honor. This title returns to the news because it’s hosting a weekend-long demo/open beta on Steam.

The game’s beta test demo thing will run between now and Sunday, August 29th, granting players access to one of six heroes as they team up and battle it out across a map, defeating Guardians, controlling zone territories, and of course fighting against one another. It’s basically PvPvE and zone control with a medieval fantasy bent. Interested players can either hop into the demo or check out the gameplay video after the break.

source: press release
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