Final Fantasy XIV kicks off its anniversary fiction with Tales from the Twilight

The man with the scars.

Today marks the eight-year anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV’s successful relaunch, and that means celebration. The obvious in-game celebration is the Rising event, of course, but there’s more to celebrate beyond that with the first of the game’s traditional anniversary stories going live today. This first one concerns Hien of Doma, taking a look at how the young ruler acquired his scars as recounted by his loyal retainer and friend, Yugiri. If you’ve been wondering about that since he was introduced, wonder no longer!

Beyond that, Square-Enix has also gotten a cake from expert cake maker Kim-Joy, complete with appropriate decorations. (Sadly, you’ll have to imagine the taste of the cake, you can’t download a slice.) The company itself has also donated five million yen to relief efforts around the torrential rains which affected Japan this past July, which has nothing to do with the anniversary of FFXIV but does at least serve as a nice bit of feel-good news.

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