Recently downgraded DokeV shows off its open world gameplay


We won’t lie: It was a bit of a bummer to report that Pearl Abyss reduced the scope of the fantastically cute DokeV from an MMO to some sort of open-world multiplayer title. That said, we still are interested to see how this game pans out, especially in light of its gameplay revelations from this past week’s Gamescom.

This still looks like something that could strongly appeal to children (and the child in us adults). In a four-minute game overview video, Pearl Abyss showed off various activities in DokeV, including skateboarding, beach mischief, and over-the-top combat.

“Rather than feeling like playing in a virtual world, we wanted to make the world feel like a reality,” the devs said.

Source: YouTube

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The art direction is so good IMO. I’ll be playing it.

Hikari Kenzaki

You can see the Black Desert engine just pushed to its limits here and it’s just a technical marvel for alpha footage.
Looking forward to playing this for sure.

Castagere Shaikura

This just made me smile. My nieces saw this trailer and lost their minds. I do hope there is some online component though So I can play it with them. They did say they dropped the MMO title because MMO is a loaded word these days. Whatever that means. Maybe saying your an MMO is turning into a bad thing.


Man, this looks amazing on so many levels, but the art style is a complete deal breaker for me. Not digging the creature design or character design one bit. I imagine the story is going to be rather weak as well, doesn’t appear to be the kind of game that cares about that.

Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s going to be extremely popular though.


Visually, this looks sooo good. The animations are so smooth. The scenery is beautiful. I’m loving the models and the dokebi are cute as hell. Gameplay looks fun, the fights are fluid looking and that jump into and leap from the sky bit looks great. This is the game that appears closest to releasing that is now at the top of my most wanted. I hope I’m not disappointed.

Kickstarter Donor

Holy shit the game looks bloody insanely good visually. Well, the kids can be a bit nightmarish and all but who cares. I legit can’t believe how good the world and animations look, we’re approaching freakin real life.

Really hope we get a Digital Foundry breakdown, because I’d be fascinated to know what kinda tech went into this.