Lord of the Rings Online’s super-speedy progression server moves into Moria on September 1


After just two months of blitzing through Shadows of Angmar content, Lord of the Rings Online’s Shadowfax legendary server will unlock the Mines of Moria expansion on September 1st.

Shadowfax was launched alongside its slower cousin Treebeard back on June 30th. The plan for this server was always to offer both faster leveling and expansion unlocks, so this announcement fits in line with the “every two months or so” cadence that SSG set forth.

Shadowfax’s rapid rate is thanks to 50% additional XP, Legendary Item XP, and Mount XP gain, as well as 20% more Virtue XP acquired. All progression servers are restricted to VIP (subscriber and lifetime sub) players only.

Curious about the legendary progression servers? SSG posted a page that includes a FAQ on the server types and where each shard stands in term of progression.

Source: LOTRO

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Slasher Zet


I always wanted to try LOTRO but felt like I’d be way behind never playing it and missing most of the story.

I might give this a try now to see how it plays!

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