MMO Week in Review: WoW is a day late and a dollar short


I remember remarking a few years back during the Daybreak Columbus Nova fiasco that I was genuinely astonished to realize that MMO studio reps were scurrying around the internet scrubbing files that contradicted its ownership claims, but I suppose that was mere child’s play compared to this week’s revelation that state investigators have accused Activision-Blizzard of literally shredding evidence in the ongoing sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit. We live in interesting times. And hey, now everyone knows the word spoliation.

Meanwhile, Blizzard announced it’ll scrub McCree’s name, Pearl Abyss downgraded the MMO status of DokeV, Guild Wars 2 revealed it has 16M accounts, and Daybreak’s CEO took the reins of EG7.

Finally, if you were wondering whether World of Warcraft is in trouble, you might look to the fact that Blizzard is finally giving players things they’ve wanted for ages in a move that seems, as my dad would say, a day late and a dollar short.

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