Albion Online cracks down on PvP exploits and exploiters

Not riding a shark, but still riding a shark.

Sandbox Interactive is cracking down on PvP exploiters in Albion Online, according to a thread on the official forums this morning. Specifically, it’s an exploit that involves dueling.

“During the duel, the exploiter will use mobility spells to run outside the dueling ring,” the studio explains. “The exploiter will then re-enter the ring, but at a location where a terrain obstruction will prevent the opponent from reaching him. This exploit is most commonly performed in the Conqueror’s Hall, although it is not exclusive to that location.”

Victims of the exploit are asked to contact the studio while the studio works on a fix and warns the exploiters themselves that “sanctions will be handed out accordingly.” While SBI doesn’t expressly say it’s banning folks, it pretty much looks that way, as it links to the part of its terms and conditions for termination, which happens to include “cheating, use of bots, financial fraud or severe abuse of bugs.” See ya, cheaters.

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