Path of Exile addresses game balance, ailments, endgame changes, and more


Path of Exile producer Chris Wilson has been making the rounds on community podcasts, answering such a wide swath of questions that Grinding Gear thought it might be nice to gather up some of his answers and assemble them into their own summary post. That’s mighty thoughtful of you, GGG! Thanks! Have a hearty pat on the back.

The answers run along a number of topics including game balance matters, mitigation of ailments, item questions, and plans for endgame content. One of the first answers confirms that the game won’t be seeing the mighty nerfening that it saw in patch 3.15 anytime soon, though buffs or nerfs to specific skills should be expected; for example, Fortify will be getting a nerfing in update 3.16 to bring it in line with its intended use as a defensive tool for melee characters.

As mentioned earlier, ailments got its own section in the synopsis, noting that there are plans to help with ailment defense such as including more mitigation or avoidance to skills, adding new clusters to the passive tree to help against poison and bleed, and introducing crafting options that outright stop specific ailments from being applied among other things.

Other points of interest include:

  • A further decluttering of item drops.
  • Moving obscure mastercrafting recipes out of places like Delve and the Pale Council and making them attainable in POE’s core content.
  • Plans for more rewards at shallower depths of Delve and subsequent greater rewards at deeper depths paired with more challenge.
  • A shrinking of the Atlas to four regions instead of eight in patch 3.16.
  • A full rework of the Atlas of Worlds and Path of Exile’s end-game mechanics in patch 3.17.

These are only a few of the bean drops that are peppered throughout the synopsis, so fans might want to file through for more.

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