Realm of the Mad God releases its fully revamped Shatters dungeon


“After years of requests and months of development, the Shatters reconstruction is here at last,” heralds the announcement from Realm of the Mad God, a reconstruction effort that readers will recall was hinted at in a roadmap announcement and then tied to the title’s largest patch of the year. And now the all-new Shatters dungeon is open at last.

The announcement post takes a deeper look at each of the Shatters dungeon’s three acts, calling out the completely restructured fights, mechanics, and other things that players are going to want to be prepared for in this endgame encounter. The goal, according to the post, was to keep the dungeon familiar while expanding on the potential offered by its fully handmade structure. There is a lot to each portion of the preview, so players who are of mind to take on this challenge may want to prepare by reading up.

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