Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem eyes mid-autumn for its next content update, seeks player input on playstyles


Last month, the devs of ARPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem laid out some endgame-focused content plans for the game’s future while also not really committing to any hard release timing. As of this month’s dev report, the folks at Wolcen Studio have begun to narrow down a launch window for the game’s next content update.

The game’s next content patch was looking at a potential release sometime in September and October, but that timing has shifted to sometime in late October or early November. According to the post, this will grant the devs time to analyze player feedback regarding summons and polish the variety of planned endgame features the patch will bring. In the meantime, there is the promise of frequent bug patches being kicked out.

The post then moves on to ask players to submit their thoughts on what they consider to be unique or fun character builds and share them on the game’s Discord as the devs are now considering ways to facilitate some innovative or unique builds into the title. “Wolcen’s primary goal was always to create a game where players can build any kind of hero they want, and we want to keep this in mind while designing our future features,” explains the post.

source: Steam

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