Ashes of Creation shows off mounts and new effects, discusses design work being done for Alpha Two


Remember last month when Ashes of Creation creative director Steven Sharif offered a sterling description of the Terror Bird mount? Well, now you can see that description come to in-game life as the mount was featured as part of the game’s August development update stream.

The video itself is pretty much a showcase of the mount in action, as well as a second rare mount that’s capable of gliding and flying and a quick look at the visual effect updates being done in response to player feedback; the Radiant Burst skill was used as an example, which now features far fewer sparkles.

A large portion of the stream featured Sharif talking about design and development heading in to Alpha Two. A great deal of focus is being devoted to further fleshing out combat, which readers will recall got a tweak in the waning days of Alpha One to be more like the one used in Apocalypse battle royale, while the devs are additionally collecting feedback and applying it where it makes sense. Sharif also noted that the game world will have a “significant” expansion in Alpha Two, as well as additional itemzation, resource components, and more. “There’s a lot of stuff that’s on the plate for Alpha Two,” he promises.

source: YouTube
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