City of Titans takes you on a tour of its downtown zone


If there’s a constant with superheroes, it’s “massive property damage.” Wherever villains and heroes clash, buildings grow new holes and Starbucks finds that its total franchise numbers have gone down by one or two. So it’s probably best to get a look at what a pristine metropolis looks like before it gets totally wrecked.

City of Titans invited fans this week to look at what its downtown zone looks like — at least before they get their smudgy fingerprints all over it.

“Work has continued on downtown,” the team said, “and like Titan City’s Alexandria and Old Bradford districts, we can now report that all of the landmark and mogul buildings in downtown are constructed, along with most of the architecture in the district. Only partial work on streets and grounds remains for finishing construction of downtown.”

The downtown region includes a wide range of sights, including towering skyscrapers, the Titan City Stock Exchange, a secretive graveyard, and tropical gardens.

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