Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida reflects on the progress of the game in a new interview

And meanwhile in Vana'diel, buffalo!

Fandaniel is a bad person, don't be like Fandaniel.

The release date of Endwalker comes ever closer, and that means Final Fantasy XIV fans are eager for every scrap of information available about the game… even if it comes in a terrible forced-slideshow presentation. A new interview with director and producer Naoki Yoshida on Inverse is unfortunately in just such a format, but it also features the man guiding the game looking back over the past eight years of operation and looking ahead to the future of development moving forward from the big conclusion at the end of the upcoming expansion. And it’s been quite a ride, as Yoshida recalls:

During that first keynote address [for Heavensward], my legs trembled under the jubilant cheers from the crowd. I became so nervous that I started to race through the presentation.

If you’ve decided to head back to catch up on Final Fantasy XI while you wait for the expansion, you’ve still got something new to take care of starting on September 7th. More accurately, you’ve got a new incarnation of an old event, as the Buffalo Blitz starts up again to give players a shot at various rewards for successful buffalo wrangling.


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Toy Clown

There was a streamer on YouTube that figured out there were less than 2 million players playing WoW right now and this article has FFXIV pegged at 3.07 million players. Who would have thought FFXIV would take over as champion of MMOs one day? I mean, no one ever thought we’d see the WoW wheel break, so it’s kind of monumental in my mind.


Eh. The only thing that could kill WoW was Blizzard itself. FFXIV is benefitting greatly from being the only real alternative MMO to WoW at this point in time, and its amazing community + passionate dev team are big drawing points. All the other MMOs that follow a WoW-esque playstyle at this point are F2P money grubbers that get updates maybe once or twice a year if that.

IronSalamander8 .

They’ve got to be happy with FF14 right now. I’ve been playing it a ton lately and having a great time bouncing between my current 4 favorite jobs (MCH, GNB, RDM, DRK), and even working on crafting and gathering on the side.

One hopes though, that they do see what’s happened to WoW and not repeat those mistakes. They’re on the right track as far as content right now, as unlike WoW, you don’t have old stuff being useless and everyone focuses on only the current stuff. I also love that I never feel I have to grind all the time to get stuff done. It feels good to know I don’t feel like I have to do everything all the time and can focus on the stuff I’m more interested in and not worry about the others unless I want to.


It will be something like, “Come here and rest thy laurels thee weary WoW players! And take thy burdens off and lose thine selves to my game!”

…or something like that. My Japanese translation here might be a bit off. >.<

Nosy Gamer

That’s how the translation will read after Koji Fox gets done with it.


Not enough puns to have been looked at by Koji Fox.