TERA PC introduces the area of Baldera as console kicks off another double Vanguard earnings event

Oh no.

PC players of TERA have some new land to explore with the game’s most recent update: the land of Baldera, located in the Oblivion Woods. This new region is meant for players who are at least level 70, and features the town of Balderon where new achievements and quests await. The update has also opened the Rogash’s Trial solo dungeon and added a few smaller things like an update to the DPS meter and additional Elin eye choices among other things.

TERA Console isn’t completely left out of the new shiny stuff loop either, as this past Monday saw the start of another event where players can earn double the Vanguard Gold and item XP. The event will run for a week until this coming Sunday, September 5th, so players who are hoping for more goodies out of their Vanguard dailies can now reap some of those sweet rewards.

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