Black Desert outlines class reboots, quality-of-life streamlining, and new customization plans


Here at the top of September, Pearl Abyss Executive Producer Jae-hee Kim has a letter for western Black Desert PC players. Kim says that the team has been focused on outfits and skins, skill experience for newbies, UI fixes, the stack system, potion usage, server shopping, and conquest wars, including the nixing of the liberation system in those wars. But it’s the look ahead that will interest gamers the most, as Kim notes the game originally launched in 2014 and has suffered from the “pressure to create new things and the steady build-up of content.”

“From this point forward, we’re going to re-prioritize our game development,” he says. “First off, we’re going to adjust the development schedule for the majority of the new content, excluding Atoraxxion Sycrakea and the Yarr mini-game, where a lot of progress has already been made. We have redirected that energy to the class reboots and improving the barrier of entry for new Adventurers.”

“The primary direction of the class reboot is to examine the skill damage, attack range, accuracy, etc. of each class and adjust the class to ensure they won’t fall short in comparison to the newer classes. We’re drastically remaking some of the underused skills by adding/changing multiple variables to buff their performance. We’re also simplifying certain skills by combining them. For example, for Ranger this means combining the functions of her many Flow skills with her basic skills and adding new skills to her kit as well.”

Expect the Warrior and Ranger reboot on the global lab test server this week, to launch “simultaneously on the live servers at the end of October.”

Pearl Abyss also says it will continue to smooth out the new player experience in the gme by streamlining inventory management, looting, currency types, life skills, the UI, tutorials, progression, PEN (V) Tuvala gear, and other barriers to entry. New character customization, including makeup and eyelashes, is on deck. Additionally, the summer season will end early so that PA can start the new season server earlier too.

That’s a lot to take in, but in the meanwhile, PC players should take a peek at today’s update notes, which notably adjust the Old Moon Subjugation Request quests, tinker with conquest wars again, and tweak AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution.


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Hikari Kenzaki

The cynic in me reads the shift in development as moving to more of a maintaining than developing, but the Ranger is still my favorite class and the launch classes have definitely lagged behind newer classes.

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Ashfyn Ninegold


streamlining inventory management, looting, currency types, life skills, the UI,

How did they get my list of reasons I won’t play BDO?

Vanquesse V

They had it all along but since BDO was one of the last mmos to come out before the big drought they didn’t have to care.
Now that mmos that are worth playing are coming out again they are highly incentivized to remove the BS that would likely cause people to try out another game.
DCUO just did a massive overhaul as well, and made their 40 paid dlc packs free and lotro might finally do a real attempt at fixing legendary items.