Starbase’s latest minor patch fixes crashing and crafting issues

Fun fact, you can say this to the same cadence as the old 'Sega' callout from the Genesis era startup screens.

Do you like approaching your own station in Starbase and being greeted by the calm, welcoming sound of the game crashing? The answer is “no” because no one likes that and it’s not something that even was supposed to be happening. Fortunately, the most recent minor patch for the game fixes that particular crashing issue as well as a few others while also patching up various crafting issues. That’s good news for anyone encountering bugs in the game during play sessions.

For those of you who have forgotten about Starbase, the game moved into early access alpha testing on July 29th, allowing players to craft starships and stations with their personal robots on a fun space adventure. The game has already had its first major patch and is taking steps to combat stream sniping after finding that its previous policy (which was blanket permission) was leading to undesired gameplay outcomes.


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