Elder Scrolls Online players killed 2 billion monsters in two months this summer

Meanwhile, there's a community fuss over a banned raid group

To cap off its “World Plays ESO” promotion, ZeniMax Online Studios has released an infographic covering all the stuff players did in The Elder Scrolls Online this summer. Apparently, y’all rolled more High Elves and Sorcerers than anything else, visited 133M zones and 12M dungeons, finished 162M quests, and killed 2B monsties but only 48M fellow players. It looks as if the crafters were busy too, as they made 310M potions, 176M pieces of gear, and 2M pieces of furniture for the 130,145 homes they bought. Not too shabby for only two months of play.

Meanwhile, it appears that no good deed goes unpunished: According to a heavily upvoted thread on Reddit and a new thread on the ESO forums, several members of an ESO raid group were allegedly banned from the game this past weekend after discovering an exploit in a certain fight. While there’s no supporting evidence on offer in the thread, a guildie of affected players claims that the group played through an entire battle with the intention of recording the bug to showcase to ZeniMax, but its submitted support ticket was reportedly met with an immediate shutdown and subsequent permabans, and that’s turned into cries for “#FreePTE” on social media.

We’re presuming that ZOS is investigating the claims already and will issue a statement when that investigation is complete. While it’s likely that complete details of account actioning will never be made public, it’s also important for the studio to make clear for the community how it handles exploit reporting. We’ve reached out to the studio’s PR for clarification in the meantime and will update when we know more.

sources: Reddit, official site. Cheers, Madz.
ZeniMax has now replied in the Reddit thread to say that it’s investigating.

Hey everyone, just wanted to pop in here to let everyone know this situation is being fully investigated through the use of in-game logs, voice data, and other relevant information. While we can’t discuss the outcomes of any disciplinary action against accounts, just know that we are taking this seriously and will decide on any further or necessary action once our investigation is complete.

In general, if you come across a major bug in ESO, the best course of action is to not take advantage of it (doing so is considered exploiting). Please stop whatever you’re doing and report it to us via /bug in-game, or messaging a ZOS team member on our forums or even here on reddit. Posting information publicly or streaming the exploit are not proper avenues to report the issue.

We also want to clarify that simply reporting a bug or bot is not grounds for a suspension or ban against your account, though there may be situations where we need to temporarily freeze your account while an investigation takes place. If you feel your account has been wrongfully actioned, please be sure to submit an appeal at help.elderscrollsonline.com so we can properly assist. Thanks for your help, everyone!


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Dug From The Earth

Thats not bad for a game with less dense spawn of creatures, and hardly any actual “kill quests” like other mmorpgs

Bruno Brito

They rolled HE’s and Sorcs because HE’s are busted for magicka and MagSorcs are the most demented playstyle in the game, only losing to MagTemplar.

But Sorcs healing is passive, so you don’t die of boredom by spamming jabs, and you don’t have to pay attention to your heals, just press Surge.


As an ESO player, nobody cares.