World of Warships adds new Soviet ships and new Transformers skins to the game


The staff behind World of Warships is really hoping that you can be distracted from its ongoing community demolition effort with the prospect of new boats. The latest update for the game adds in a new set of Soviet boats along with a new “Order and Discipline” campaign for players to take part in, with the heavy cruiser Pyotr Bagration rewarded for successful completion. If you’re in the mood for some Soviet boat fun, this is clearly an appeal directly to you.

If, on the other hand, you would rather have more ships with decors based off of giant robots who in no way transform into boats, the newest Transformers collaboration is for you (and not for me) as four new characters have gotten boat skins this time around. As part of the celebration around the 35th anniversary of the animated film, Grimlock (who is mostly comic relief), Starscream (who dies 30 minutes in), Soundwave (who is barely in the movie), and Hot Rod (who is actually the protagonist) all get their own boats for players to sail around and blow people up.

World of Warships, of course, is still reeling from the fallout of its community dust-ups in August, when Wargaming’s aggressive monetization and treatment of content creators led to a mass-exodus of influencers, which the studio compounded by attacking one creator personally.


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