DC Universe Online has opened a survey to judge how players are feeling about the game

Not offline.

Are you happy with DC Universe Online at the moment or unhappy with it? The developers want to hear from you, and they’re using the time-honored method of putting the whole thing in a comprehensive survey for players to take right now if they’re so inclined. While it doesn’t specifically say that this will influence the long-term development of the game, well… you can kind of gather that’s the intent when the very first question is whether or not you’re satisfied with the experience of playing.

Players are asked about the game’s most recent episodes, scaling content difficulty, power levels, and whether or not they agree that the most recent system changes have made the game more fun to play. There are also questions about which features from the most recent update are the best or worst, as well as whether or not you’re a free player, whether or not you intend to subscribe or keep subscribing, and how likely you are to recommend the game to others. If you’ve got some opinions about the game, this is the time to share them.

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I’ve been considering diving back in. It’s pretty fun until you hit end game and get to the point where you have to get into raiding to make any progress. However, that problem isn’t unique to DCUO.


Hrrm, seems like their latest sales / concurrent player numbers should give them a pretty good idea of what players think of the current state of the game.

Vanquesse V

But it doesn’t tell them *why* they feel that way.