Dual Universe showcases the features of the Apollo update, teases Ares update


At the beginning of August, Dual Universe released the Apollo update, which featured a number of new system additions such as mechanics surrounding asteroid finds, shield generators, and more. None of this is exactly news to regular players or readers of patch notes, but Novaquark has decided to keep on drawing attention to this update’s feature set by way of a machinima.

The video offers up a look from both sides of an asteroid discovery — the miners and the pirates — as a battle over a presumably lucrative chunk of space rock named A-CFJ-749 kicks off. The video not only tells its own little story but also provides a first-hand look at how finding asteroids in game can be both rewarding and dangerous, as well as some ship-to-ship combat with shield generators in play. It also features some flat voice acting, but that arguably makes for a more entertaining watch.

Meanwhile, Novaquark has expanded its roadmap with the addition of the Ares update, which will include PvP tweaks, warp drive improvements, and the boarding and docking revamp.

“The public test server (PTS) featuring some (but not all, yet) of the Ares content is online now for a limited time,” the studio says. “Remaining Ares features will be added to PTS soon. Log in and get a firsthand look at all the new shinies.”

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