Embers Adrift, formerly Saga of Lucimia, says it’s raised enough money to launch


Stormhaven Studios has been relatively quiet this summer since announcing that it was rebranding Saga of Lucimia as Embers Adrift following the bizarre departure of the game’s original founders earlier this year. But it’s got a state of the game update this week with some extremely good news as the studio says it’s now fully funded.

“Our private funding round is being closed as we’ve successfully raised enough to market and launch the game. While our budget is still small we look forward to bringing you a finished product that we can be proud of. Thank you to all our investors and previous backers for helping this dream become a reality for all.”

As for content: “We have nearly completed the launch zones – maybe you can guess what that means for the near future?” the team teases. “Once the game is launched we will be engaging the community to help us decide what areas of the map we should expand into next. Community is a huge focus of ours and we want to involve the community in what is truly their game. Our post-launch goal is to implement new zones, quests, monsters, and treasure every few months as part of the ongoing dev cycle at no additional cost beyond the subscription fee and we want to include the community in this ongoing development.”

Stormhaven also says it’s “successfully made the transition to the High Definition Rendering Pipeline” and that it’s been working on crafting and hiring a new game designer too.

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