Old School RuneScape makes adjustments to Deadman and unveils a Group Ironman mode


Last week saw the start of the new Reborn version of the Deadman tournament to Old School RuneScape, and already the mode has seen a number of adjustments based on player feedback. This past Tuesday saw adjustments to starter packs, several sigils, and a tweak to the mode’s three life system to combat players abusing a PvP immunity period to gather resources among other things, while another update that is due to go live today will make further sigil adjustments and open up a beta test of the mode’s 1v1 finale.

In other OSRS news, the devs have unveiled plans for a group version of Ironman, which will let two to five players join up for some truly hardcore challenge in the MMORPG. The linked dev blog offers up a full look at all of the mechanics that will go into the mode, though a release date has not been set just yet.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), Twitter

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