League of Legends announces a virtual concert for the band Pentakill and previews its newest hero Vex


Care for a bit of heavy metal with your MOBA? Then you probably enjoy Pentakill, the virtual heavy metal band from the League of Legends universe. The band is soon releasing its third album, Lost Chapter, which was first announced at the end of an ARG that kicked off on August 29th, and Riot Games will be having an “interactive album experience” and virtual concert to mark its release.

This new form of digital show will start on Wednesday, September 8th, at 4:00 p.m. EDT, with a 30-minute pre-show and an hour-long concert that will feature Pentakill’s new album in full. Fans will also enjoy some interactive elements during the show that promises chat features, fan webcam integration, and a voting system to let fans determine what happens over the show’s experience. After the concert, the new album will release on all major digital streaming platforms. Those who want to participate in this digital concert will want to head to this link for details, as there is a signup process to WaveXR required to get interactive.

In other LoL news, the game is getting its next roster addition soon. Say hello to Vex, the Gloomist. Except don’t say hello because she probably doesn’t like greetings. Or sunlight. Or colors. You can get a look at her whole deal in the trailer below.

sources: press release, YouTube
Riot Games is considered a controversial company in the gaming world following a 2018 exposé of the sexual discrimination and harassment inherent in what workers described as its “bro culture.” The scandal brought forth accusations against multiple developers and high-ranking executives and ultimately led to a developer labor dispute and walk-out. Lawsuits from former workers and the state of California, which has alleged that Riot is refusing to cooperate with its investigation, are ongoing.

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Randall Kilgore Jr.

Pentakill is actually pretty damn good, and I don’t even play League….. When their first album came out I was listening to it pretty often. Jorn is a great vocalist, so his tracks are killer; Hopefully he’s still part of the lineup.


Cool to see a new Yordle after so long, kind of weird that he parallels so close to Amumu though. Though I guess instead of being sad and cursed as a mummy or w/e Vex is goth/emo/apathetic as heck and has some weird shadow companion.