Pokemon Go’s ‘postponed’ Safari Zones going hybrid, still no party hats for Japan, Korea, or Italy


Niantic is still trying to get Pokemon GO players outside despite backlash and ongoing hashtag tomfoolery, though right now it’s doing so in a hybrid fashion. The original 2020 Safari Zones were set to be held in-person starting March 2020 during what became lockdown periods for COVID-19, leading the events to be both postponed and active as players were allowed to do them from home. This effectively means Safari Zone ticket holders will be getting the event twice, with one part of it being potentially in-person should the ticket holder choose that route.

The blog post detailing the event plan notes that players who want to physically attend the event will need to RSVP beforehand, depending on which ticket they currently hold. Ticket holders who do not want to attend can once again participate from home. No new tickets will be sold for the event, so if you already received a refund or missed sales the first time, you’re out of luck. There is, however, another event we’ve yet to see rescheduled.

The Pokemon Day celebration from 2020, which was canceled in South Korea, Japan, and Italy, has yet to get a new date. These players have never gotten a chance to catch Armored Mewtwo, which has had some use in PvP leagues, nor the Nidorino or Gengar Party hat variants. We’ve reached out to PR to ask whether this event will also be rescheduled and will update this piece should we learn anything new.


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