VR MMO Zenith hypes up its physics model for swords and new hires to the dev team


What’s coming next to the in-development VR MMO Zenith? According to the game’s latest press release, physics. While that might sound a bit like old hat or a nod back to Nvidia’s PhysX tech demo videos, developer RamenVR promises that the application of physics in VR carries a bit more weight. Get it? Physics jokes; we got ’em.

Anyway, the physics model in question is specific to swords, which allows for interactions like tossing them in the air, colliding with other swords in more realistic ways, and even the ability for players to throw a sword at a foe. Mercifully, the cool moment of tossing a sword into an enemy face won’t be shortly followed by an awkward sprint to retrieve the weapon, as a thrown sword will shortly return to players’ hands automagically.

The presser also touts three new hires to the dev team, including two devs from the EU that followers in the game’s official Discord might be familiar with — GoS and Jashan — as well as a former lead designer from Ubisoft who will be joining the team in a couple of weeks.

source: press release
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