Embers Adrift announces plans for pre-orders in October, plots testing windows and final release timing


Remember how Embers Adrift, the game formerly known as Saga of Lucimia, said it had raised enough money to launch? Well the devs at Stormhaven Studios have put that money where their mouth is with a new announcement that effectively outlines the game’s path to release.

First off, Embers will open a pre-order store this October, granting fans the ability to buy into access to the game’s final alpha stage in that same month or its later closed beta. Additionally, buyers of either package will get into the live game three days and one day ahead of time respectively.

That final alpha, incidentally, promises more uptime than previous tests but also warns the game will still be in an unfinished state and that there will also be frequent shutdowns to implement fixes and features. Timing for the game’s beta wasn’t shared, but final launch is projected for early or mid 2022.

source: Twitter

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