WRUP: Kylie stole my lightsaber edition


All right, Master. You’re angry. I understand that. I’m angry, too. Not at you, obviously, but at the situation. See, I know that you’re not going to believe me when I say this, but Kylie actually stole my lightsaber. I didn’t forget it or anything, I know right where it is. Kylie has it. But I can’t get it back from her, because now I don’t have a lightsaber but Kylie does have a lightsaber and lightsabers hurt.

Let’s be honest, you have every reason to be a little dubious about this particular claim. For example, last time Kylie asked me for a lightsaber and I said I’d just give it to her and then I claimed she stole it. And yes, last week’s What Are You Playing was subtle code saying that I was going to let Kylie have my lightsaber. But at this point I’m saying that’s not what happened. So who are you going to believe, me or past me?

I’m hoping it’s current me. Past me was a jerk.

Bonus question: What’s your favorite word choice to avoid swearing?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): So excited! Pokemon Unite finally got Blastoise, so I now have my two favorite water starters and my favorite dragon to play (though I still feel more comfortable doing Snorlax for ranked defense). Pokemon Go has the Hoopa event this Sunday so I can get my walking in and keep losing this weight (finally!). And then there’s Monster Hunter Stories 2, as the new content seems tough, so I’ve been running friends through it despite their lower levels. They get new content and I actually get to finish multiplayer content without Hulking out, yay!

Um, I won’t lie, I usually just swear in another language, usually Japanese or German. Occasionally I’ll say, “Poop,” or sometimes “lettuce” around kids (there’s a story about the god Set that explains this).

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): Despite all the muck and poopstorms I’m still playing World of Warships, I’m just not spending any money on it at the moment. Luckily, with over 110 ships in my port I’ll not be lacking for options. Besides that, I’ll spend a little time in EVE Online exploring wormhole space.

Bonus question: muck and poopstorms.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ve been playing Star Wars Galaxies Legends this week so far, and a bit of The Sims 4, and I’ll probably keep at it unless Lord of the Rings Online snags my attention. I’m just kinda marking time waiting for New World, so I don’t want to get too invested in anything that could derail me.

I usually don’t avoid swearing, as the potty mouth jar can attest, but “what the fudge” and “effin” often slip out in polite company.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I have the very odd desire to play a survival sandbox (that I explicitly like), so I may fire up something like Valheim, Citadel: Forged with Fire, or No Man’s Sky. I also should peer into Dauntless and see what the repeaters are like now.

One of my favorite replacement swear words is “motherfluffer.” I don’t know if I heard it from somewhere else or if I came up with it myself in a rare moment of cleverness, but either way it’s a fun replacer.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A little bit in Final Fantasy XIV, maybe, but mostly going to be a busy and/or single-player weekend for me. That’s fair, yeah? Because it’s what’s happening regardless.

Fun fact: if you want to call someone any curse word, use “fool” instead. It’s significantly more insulting and yet technically less offensive.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’m working on leveling up my LotRO Captain through Northern Mirkwood and points beyond, mostly just doing the main storyline and missions for XP. I also am planning on a brief run in Runes of Magic, why not, since I haven’t touched that game since 2007.

I do like spitting out a “mother pus bucket!” from Ghostbusters every once in a while.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): Very slowly making my way through the Guild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga. I’ve just been very busy, so I might play one story a week. I will, however, make time to get my festival dailies. It’s one of the few things that still gets me to login consistently.

Bonus: I think I say fart a lot. It’s a good f-word replacement. That or beginning the word but not completing it. Holy shhh… I do that often too.

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I’m still noodling around in the early levels of my third ‘first’ Secret World Legends character and enjoying that. Barding in NW. I also updated WoW the other day in preparation for a little looky-loo.


We don’t need no fraggle-rockin’ cusswords in this fraggle-rockin’ euphemism!


I got into Genshiin Impact again for some reason and have also been jamming on Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition again. Also got Cookie Clicker on Steam so been running that in the background. Beyond those, FFXIV is the main fallback.

‘course everything will probably change this coming Friday when an RP game starts its new wipe and all my free time gets absorbed into that.

Bonus question: Fudge or Sheeyoot.


Been too busy. I see Craftopia was added to Game Pass, so why not that when I can?

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Jack Pipsam

I got Sonic Colours: Ultimate and have played a few missions of it yesterday.
It’s um, got problems. While the Xbox version I’ve got hasn’t got the zillion issues I’ve seen for the Switch, there certainly is some fundamental shortcuts which are baked into the release.
The ingame cutscenes for example, despite seemingly being done in-engine, what this “ultimate” version has done instead is take footage from the Wii and simply upscale it, the results look awful and I’m playing on a 1080p TV, I have no idea how disgusting this would look at 4K (despite being advertised as a 4K game). It’s extremely jarring, but there’s other random issues like how the options menu has massive buttons, but when you select language suddenly the text is so small I have to physically lean into the TV in order to be able to read it. Well done.

Not to mention there’s now suddenly issues with audio-mixing where you can’t hear the dialogue over the music (with no sliders to adjust manually) with some the lighting and areas looking almost as if there’s a downgrade from the 2010 Wii version.

On the upside, the movement controls feel great and while in motion the game running does look very nice and on my Xbox I’ve had no performance issues, but I also have to imagine that my Series X is doing a lot of brute-force fixing because I’ve seen widespread reports of hitches on other platforms.

So, standard SEGA quality lol.

Bonus Question: Well I’m culturally obliged to swear, but if I replace it then it’ll be with something real cringe like saying “Bruh” or “Nandayo” out-loud.


Adjacent to the ‘swear word replacement’ bonus, but… next time you want to insult someone? Talk about their mother. Don’t insult their mother though, flip that track right on its head. Rather than… say… “You’re mother reeks of elderberries and I don’t quite like her”? Say… “You’re mother is a pillar of her community, and a beautiful and inspiring beacon of kindness to aspire to be like”.

There’s literally no comeback to that.

I also don’t have replacement words for swearing. I will happily string together a nonsensical line of cursewords to ‘chitty chitty bangbang’ back when I worked retail–both because the rhythm is fun to say it to, and also to show to coworkers I can do so without customers hearing it while they do. Knowing where the overhead speakers actually work and are the loudest help too.

However? I do love a good ‘Find me in the Alps’ from time to time. Also ‘apple’–and kids will know exactly why for that last one.

As for gaming? Internet’s being a bit arse so… I might plod around some. I got No More Heroes 2 that I really need to commit to beating for once, but I’m reminded how much I really do not like certain elements in it. So I might just say screw it and dip into one of several games I’ve been poking away at on Steam and the Consoles and… keep pokin’ away.

Also ended my stint with NieR ReIncarnation. There was like 5-6 limited time character events running at the same time, more were coming without any signs of slowing down, and frankly…? Most any time I start it up, it was to set it to auto-grind the same missions to try and get what limited rewards I could from them because those items can be rather critical to strengthening your party rather than… actually playing it. It also has the terrible monetization balance SinoAlice suffered from–yet somehow worse. And while the music is unsurprisingly brilliant and beautiful, and I’ll definitely look it up on youtube? I’ll do the same for the story.

Onboarding as a new player is going to suck the longer someone waits to get into it. Especially when, until you beat the story, you have to rely on gems and paid summons to get anywhere as they lock out basic mechanics behind finishing the whole thing, with each new story chapter locking you out until you beat it as well. And it isn’t fun at higher levels. When some enemies can deal upwards of 25-50% of your characters max health in one hit? The game punishes you for bringing in healers, so your choice is to zerg them before they kill you.

Drakengard 1 is more rewarding to play, even if you don’t abuse the allies system in it.


Sorting out my companion build and going through Vvardenfell in ESO. Seriously thinking about getting the new Pathfinder game.

I use feck a lot. And the occasional drokk.


Re-rubbed(for several months even) on SWTOR and EVE Online and will be playing them a lot. Additionally been playing single player games like Avadon The Black Fortress, Battletech(modded mainly with BEX 3025 CE and BTA 3062), X3(bought it on a friends recommendation and its quite good space sandbox), Siralim Ultimate(1000+ pets game with pixel aesthetic), SD Gundam G Generations Cross Rays(very fun turn based strategy game with some rpg elements) and Sierra OPS(scifi hybrid VN with bullethell and RTS elements on combat parts)

Also got vaccined today right after work. Left arm feels a bit sore but wont keep me away from gaming


This week: *Pigtails are not going to mention about how we’re in the midst of election held to boost the ego of our sitting leader during rising COVID numbers*

…nor will I mention it’s unlikely to end well for him. /bleh

Also this week: Moar Lyn & Soul…

…and introducing Suzuki Touna. My newly minted questionably tempered and not quite there Mermaid Warlock of sorts (see: pic below). Who, well…just wants to pick a fight with anything and everything. Think of Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) ampromorphized into a magic user and you get her. And is my most loudly colored (or coloured) Lyn to date! So feel free to say “Hi!” to her, though at a safe distance…as being pictured with fire exploding around her as opposed to a quite marine setting doesn’t raise red flags enough. And for dear what deity sake’s, don’t pronounce her last name as “Tuna”. That won’t end well either. :(

Bonus answer: When I feel like avoiding it…shite, *rump and something that rhymes with duck!

Have a great week and weekend folks! Please stay safe and get vaccinated! /bows.


I’m guessing Canada? The election is a bad idea. We’re getting bad in Alberta again for Covid.
Your girl is super cute!


Yes, that country. And yes it’s bad. And you can thank Kenny for that, since he thought what worked so well for Florida and Texas… /sigh

And thank you! <3

Bryan Correll

unlikely to end well for him.

Well, when your security won’t let you off the bus for a scheduled campaign stop because there’s no one there but protestors it’s not a good sign.


Those are probably helping said leader stay competitive with their antics. As those are no more “protesters” than the folks that showed up on Capitol Hill to overturn the election results your side of the border on January 6 of this year. They’re on a anti-vax nutter narrative this time. And they and their antics have been flat out condemned by most major parties in this election. So let’s not give these folks anymore credibility beyond that they’re a lynch mob that are threat to everything that’s democratic. And should be treated as such. There’s no “very fine people” here.

Andy Turner
Andy Turner

I’m playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes again. On 2G network because I’m out of high-speed data. Sometimes it works and sometimes it can’t connect. Instead of swearing I say a prayer and say oh God help me most of the time I say God forgive me for the thought.


How’s it going cousin, my last name’s Turner too!