Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Final Fantasy XV collaboration event on September 13

Get in, losers.

If you missed out on getting a suit of attire, Orchestrion rolls, or the flying four-seat car mount in Final Fantasy XIV the last time the Final Fantasy XV collaboration event rolled around, we’ve got good news for you. The event has been confirmed to roll around once again starting on September 13th, allowing players a second shot at the cosmetic and functional rewards of the event as well as the lore involving dimensional skipping.

Of course, players who already cleared the event are naturally going to have slightly less to do… or are they? The event will also feature a quest replay feature, so if you’ve already cleared the event but want to experience it again from the beginning, you’ll have the opportunity to do so once more. There’s plenty of time, too; the event will run until October 18th, giving players adequate time to play or replay the event and earn all of the rewards involved before it fades away once more.


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Looking forward to this! I wasn’t playing FFXIV the last time this was around, and a number of my friends also still need the car.
If it really is all MGP, my odd fixation on GS content is about to pay off (I have over 4 million MGP right now) :-)


They should just give an option for people to buy this on Mogstation. It’s ok for others to spend their time grinding for it but people who don’t enjoy doing repetitive content over and over should always have an option to instantly buy such things using real life currency which they already “grinded” for in real life.


I really REALLY would have loved to have the choice of either grinding out the fates that go with this event, exchanging the part drops from them to help with building the car OR grinding out the MGP for those that would rather go that route.

If it’s going to be just the MGP once again.. Well..


It would be nice, yeah, but honestly it isn’t terribly bad to get the 200k in a month. Depending on the Fashion Week’s request, that is an easy 60k+ MGP. And with that and taking the ~30 minutes for Lord of Vermilion’s Tutorial run and the ‘Starter Deck Farm’ method with King Elmer III? That’s a couple weeks with just a bit of effort.

And there’s plenty of sources for easy/cheap hits on the Fashion Week, Meoni tends to post a good summary for it in the later half of the week as a recommendation for hitting them.


But.. The idea here is that, most of the MGP grind is solo. What if, in an mmo, we want to play content with friends? Shocker, I know. And what if, like these friends of mine with the same mindset, they would like the choice to grind the fates OR the MGP?

I have to say it sounds extremely dismissive that after the last time this event was around, they didn’t give us MORE options unlike the first time.


There is zero need for the snark and attitude.

The idea for MGP is that it isn’t designed to be a ‘grind’. The Gold Saucer. Is not designed to be a ‘grind’. You can casually earn a good chunk of it over a week just by doing the logs you enjoy. The Fashion Report is more than ample enough for most any content they throw in as part of events, and serves as an easy way for people to earn the MGP to afford them quickly. It’s marathon-styled content, not a sprint.

Frankly, if you’re sitting in there hours for a day grinding through mini-games and fates? You’re burning yourself out for nothing. That is unhealthy. And if you’d been even casually dipping your toes into it, you’d have a good portion of MGP already. What I suggested as an easy way to get the MGP? Roughly an hour (dependent on Fashion Report) for 100k.

And… like I said? There isn’t a ‘grind’ needed. You want to help and play content with your friends for this? Help them get the Fashion Report done since some pieces of gear best for it are low-mid dungeon or raid drops (all that can be reliably soloed by any reasonably geared 80). Fool around in gates or Triple Triad matches for a bit.

And yes, like I also already said and agreed with you on in my very first sentence? It would be nice to have more options. But 200k is hardly ‘dismissive’. It’s a four player mount, there should be at least some effort put in for it more than just running a quick and easy fate a half dozen times.


I have been grinding out MGP so I have enough

IronSalamander8 .

I actually want that car! The only FF games I’ve played are the original one on NES, Tactics, and 14, so I have no connection to 15 but that car catches my eye.


My kid is so excited for this. I’m glad it’s coming back!