Nightmare is a new F2P pixelart MMORPG that’s launched on Steam today


Happy Tuesday, and welcome to the launch of a new MMORPG! We’re talking about Nightmare, a new open-world retro pixelart MMO from the indie Magework Studios, which just fully launched as a free-to-play title on Steam. The game boasts character customization with “hundreds of style combinations,” a main plot, eight classes, diurnal questing and PvP, guilds, instanced housing, pets, mercs, crafting, dungeon puzzles, secret locations, raid battles.

“Travel through the world of Sylvenus defeating enemies & leveling your character. There is a main story quest and numerous side quests your character may engage in. However, Nightmare is an open world game & you may do these quests at your own leisure. Tradeskills allow your character to both harvest better resources & craft more powerful items. You can go mining, fishing, become a blacksmith, & even cut gems to be used in crafting. There are 14 tradeskills in total. Once you join a clan you have the ability to transform at night and engage in world PvP. There are PvP events that reward players for their performance. You can buy a house & decorate to your liking. Other players in the world may visit your house, as well. The world of Sylvenus is an evolving world. We already have planned expansion content, including whole continents, which will add to the lore & overall experience of the game.”

While the game is F2P on Steam, it does have a cash shop with cosmetics, consumable buffs, chest keys, and a de facto 30-day VIP sub; you can browse around the website to see the separate VIP shop as well to decide for yourself whether it passes muster. “We mostly sell skins and other cool things like pets. We have spent a very long time to make sure there are 0 pay to win elements within our Blood Rune shop,” the developer wrote on Reddit.

Source: Steam, Official site, Reddit. Cheers, Phill!
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