T3Fun is shutting down its version of Granado Espada this month


Considering that no updates or even maintenance has been done on Granado Espada (also called Sword of the New World) over the past year, most players probably saw the writing on the wall long before publisher T3Fun announced this week that it was closing down the game’s service in a couple of weeks in North America.

“It is with great sadness that we will be concluding service for Granado Espada NA as of 2021 September 16th,” T3Fun posted. “We would like to express our deep gratitude to all our users for supporting Granado Espada from the very beginning. It’s never easy to announce service closure of a game we all love and it’s harder knowing how much time and effort our users have put in to making Granado Espada into a enjoyable game. Our journey with you has indeed been memorable.”

However, if you’re still hankering to play Granado Espada, don’t fret: The imcGAMES-published edition is still running strong on Steam with regular maintenance. There are also versions running in Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Granado Espada is particularly notable for the fact that players field a small group of characters at any given time instead of a single avatar. It’s also got a pretty awesome soundtrack.

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