Lineage II Aden brings the Orc Fortress and World Olympiad with today’s patch

Here comes Greg


We hope you’re ready to fight Flag Guardian Greg in Lineage II Aden. Yes, that’s his name. He’s Flag Guardian Greg, and he guards the flag to the Orc Fortress, which players need to claim in order to capture the fortress as part of the daily battle for control of this particular fortress. That explains the name… well, part of it. It explains why he’s called the flag guardian, not why he’s named Greg of all things. Maybe Greg sounds really hardcore to orcs; we’re not going to judge.

The patch also brings the 3v3 World Olympiad PvP mode to the game, pitting two teams of players against one another for a variety of rewards. There’s also a new hunting zone in the Forgotten Primeval Garden (which is apparently somewhat less forgotten now) and a new Clan Raid, the Sanctum of Spirits. Check out the full patch notes on the official site to see the latest changes to this more solo-friendly edition of the game.

Solo-friendly, perhaps, but not Greg-friendly.


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Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

I know a Greg. I wonder if he’s the same one