ArcheAge turns seven years old, offers cosmetics and consumables for coins

We must ask you to attempt to summon more enthusiasm for this event than the girl in the official anniversary screenshot. Yes, ArcheAge is turning seven years old, and Gamigo is turning on the party in both the original game and ArcheAge Unchained. And by party, I mean farming coins.

“Gathering your 7th Anniversary Coins is easy! A button activated in the lower-left corner of the UI will grant an Anniversary Coin every 30 minutes, 10 times a day per account. Looking for more coins to use? Complete the level 30 daily quest available from the Jake Doll NPC in Mirage Isle for an additional Anniversary Coin!”

Players will be trading in their coins for cosmetics, decor, consumables, and titles. The event runs through September 30th.


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Ardra Diva

it’s not bad at all. Hang gliding is a fun way to travel. Also I like the little environmental touches like… a pool? a dive board? what’s that doing there? if you click on it, suddenly you’re in a bikini. Let the good times roll!


I thought this game was older, it certainly looks like it lived a hard life on the streets.

Justin Olivetti
Justin Olivetti

Anniversary? I’m over it. As if.