TERA’s newest console patch rotates dungeon availability and tweaks class balance

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To every dungeon (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn) at least when you’re discussing dungeon rotations in TERA. The latest update for the game’s console version is changing up which dungeons are open and closed, with dungeons like Velik’s Hold and Velik’s Sanctuary both closing their doors, meaning that it’s a rough time to be Velik or have a score to settle with Velik specifically. On the plus side, the update also opens several dungeons including Lilith’s Keep and Bahaar’s Sanctum, so it works out all right for people who aren’t Velik. Or maybe it works out well for Velik and poorly for Lilith and Bahaar. You get the idea.

The patch also contains a number of balance changes for the various classes, generally boosting damage for classes like Berserker and Slayer while otherwise buffing skills for Lancers, Warriors, and Gunners. Check out the full patch notes for all of the details coming along with this particular update.

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