The Elder Scrolls Online is hosting heavy metal-themed contests for the entire month of September


If you thought the collaboration between heavy metal band Trivium and The Elder Scrolls Online began an ended with a guitar giveaway, you’d be wrong indeed, as the game is also hosting several smaller contests through the month of September, all with a heavy metal bent as #ESORocksOut.

Players who want to participate are instructed to follow the game’s Twitter account or Instagram account, complete certain tasks, and share their results with the above hashtag. Tasks run every three days until September 27th, and run the gamut from writing Daedra-themed bard lyrics to putting together a heavy metal-style costume to coming up with heavy metal band names. Three winners will be drawn and randomly get prizes like a Torchbug pet, 1500 Crows, or codes for ESO’s standard edition or Blackwood upgrade. The calendar of activities can be seen after the cut.


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Dug From The Earth

I enjoy some metal

But judging by the number of replies here, I expect this event to be about as popular in the actual game itself.

The ways to enter and interact and gather the necessary elements… just dont seem fun, and seem like you would need to go way out of your way to do.

Thats typically not the type of event you want to have if you want it to appeal to more than just a handful of people.