Dauntless’ latest patch unleashes a giant robotic owlbear known as the Phaelanx


So what if the Shrike were made less fluffy and more robotic and full of eye lasers? That appears to be the gist of Dauntless’ latest Behemoth, which was introduced in yesterday’s patch.

It’s called the Phaelanx, and it can be encountered when players defeat monsters on the Blazeworks hunting ground to get energized then activate six valves to summon the creature to the forge arena. As one might expect, this new critter will yield parts to make new weapons and armor, only now you don’t have to feel guilty about doing so because you’re fighting an Ostian-built robot owlbear.

The latest update has also added some extra goodies like new rumors, a new quest, the Omnisurge perk that reduces the cooldown of your omnicell abilities, and a few overall ability tweaks. And in other Dauntless news, the devs granted a closer look at the creation of the game’s new theme from composer Cris Velasco, which featured fans of the game chanting for the song. That video can be seen after the break, along with the aforementioned laser beast.



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