Fractured’s latest fall alpha preview focuses on a rework of attributes and a marketplace overhaul


Fractured is rolling out more details of its upcoming fall alpha test by way of another video preview. This time, it’s about character backgrounds, character attributes, the marketplace, and in-game mail.

Starting with character backgrounds, the alpha will introduce two new ones: Bowman and Street Rat. The video further explains that backgrounds aren’t classes so much as starting points, which modify the initial skills and tutorial experience players begin with since players can eventually learn every ability in the game. As for attributes, those are being simplified, removing the number of things attributes affect such as resistances. Players who want to deep-dive these adjustments are guided to the game’s wiki.

The video then moves on to showcase changes to the marketplace, outlining new tabs added to the UI, the option for players to put in buy orders and fulfill market requests, a more sophisticated filter feature, and a UI that dynamically changes whether items immediately sell or are automatically put on the market as a sell order based on sale price. There will also be in-game mail functions, which pretty much work as one might expect, with alerts for item sales and system notifications but no private messages between players.

source: YouTube

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